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Concept Scheme for Eco Home

What we did

This is a concept scheme at the moment. It is for a new off-grid carbon neutral house on a greenfield site.

Externally, the building looks like agricultural barns in the landscape. The domestic garden is sunken at the back so invisible from beyond the site boundaries, whilst the wider garden area had significant additional planting to increase biodiversity.

The Building

The building would be built off-site in a factory and delivered in panels.

It would be super insulated and airtight, utilising solar panels, battery storage, rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling and a boiler burning recycled bio-oil.

The design was supported by MADE (West Midland Architecture Centre) in 2019 who stated: “It both demonstrates a high standard of architectural design, and is innovative in its technical specification, which enables it to achieve its off grid status.”

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